Saturday, August 22, 2009

PSPCAP32 v1.5.1 (Irda Joy)

ZX-81 has released a new version of PSPCAP32 which is a port of Caprice32 an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Sony PSP.

This version of PSPCap32 supports IRDA-Joystick box designed by my good friend Buzz
( see for details).
If you have any electronic skills you may design your own for less than 20$ ! The Schematic and the PIC source code is provided in contrib folder of PSPCap32 archive.

For those who have never heard about IRDA joystick project, the goal was to connect your old DB9 joystick (compatible with Atari , Amiga, Amstrad etc ...) or a paddle device to your PSP FAT. Buzz has written the driver and designed the PCB and programmed the PIC micro-controller, while i was in charge of emulator enhancements.

What's new in version 1.5.1 :

- IRDA Joystick box support
- Add "IRDA joystick" device support for both
DB9 Joystick and Atari Paddle
- Add menu for IRDA joystick settings and keys mapping
- Add option to choose between IRDA devices
(keyboard such as Targus or joystick using Buzz device)

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.5.1 (Irda Joy)
Source: tehskeen


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