Saturday, August 22, 2009

TibiaPSP v0.31

LuMa has released a new version of his remake of Tibia a MMORPG for the Sony PSP. This new version adds some exciting features such as Save/Load function, mini-map, chat module, skills, NPCs, and a map editor. The author said the framework is there for online play, but it still needs a little tweaking before he implements it.

New Map (300x200 fields)
Added chat-module
Added Save/Load Function
Added Mini-Map
Added Tutorial
Added NPCs (Trader. ..)
Added in-game editor
Added new types of weapons (bows, wands)
Added 11 creatures types (total 16)
Added ca. 35 weapons (total 55)
Updated In-game MP3 player
Added Help screen
Added new formulas for calculating damage
Added Skills
Added weather (fog, night)
Added about 70 new objects
Many bugs fixed
And much more ...

Download: TibiaPSP v0.31
Source: tehskeen


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