Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Qwad v0.2

ssorgatem has updated Qwad to 0.2. Qwad is a graphical wad tool for both windows & linux, which currently allows you to unpack wads and create wads from folders, download titles from NUS (and packing them into WADs) and decrypt their contents.

It aims to evolve into a full-featured wii homebrew wad authoring tool.


* Major rewrite and refactoring of code.
* Backend changed from Wii Signer to the awesome
* Added support form downloading and packing wads from NUS
* Added statusbar
* Now the backend runs in a different thread

Known bugs:

*Title names amb some statusbar messages don't get translated
*Title dictionary is incomplete. Additionally, there may be titles in the combobox which aren't actually in the NUS.

Download: Qwad v0.2
Source: tehskeen


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