Sunday, August 16, 2009

Triiforce Beta 4


Nicksasa, TheLemonMan and WiiPower updated TriiForce to beta 4. Triiforce is an open source channel loader which will have support for NAND emulation, patches, and possibly ocarina.

Requirements for TriiForce:
- a cIOS installed, rev7 or higher should work

Requirements for nand emu:
- cIOS rev14

Q: Is the nand emu dangerous?
A: It *should* not be dangerous, but since this is the 1st app to really use it, noboy can say that for sure. If you don't have BootMii as boot2, wait until enough guinea pigs tested it.

Q: What is TriiForce?
A: It's a VC/WiiWare launcher that launches channels that are installed on nand. Support for nand emu is planned, support for 4.0 sd menu won't be implemented. Coders are: Nicksasa, The Lemon Man and WiiPower.

Q: What's to test NOW?(will be updated with each new version)
A: Game compatibilty, not correct displayed names, games missing in the list, glitches. In beta 4 please test the nand emu and if the savegames are handled correctly. Please report enough information in the 1st post already and not after 10 Q&A.

Doanload: Triiforce Beta 4
Source: tehskeen


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