Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wagic 0.8.1 aka Wagic 2010

Wololo released another update on his Magic the Gathering homebrew version Wagic now on version 0.8.1 now also known as Wagic 2010!

For those who still don’t know yet (have you been living in a cave for almost a year?), Wagic is a fantasy card game in which you battle as a sorcerer with spells and creatures. If you think this is like Magic PSP station, you’re close, but Wagic is way more powerful than MPS. In Wagic, the rules of the game are fully enforced and you play against your PSP. Yes, it is a fully working strategy game with an AI and more than 3000 units.
Make sure to check out the source for more information and changes.

Download: Wagic 0.8.1 aka Wagic 2010
Source: wololo


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