Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Configurable USB Loader v42

A new version of the Configurable USB Loader Based on Wanikoko SD/USB Loader 1.5, Kwiirk Yal, Hermes uLoader 2.0, WiiPower NeoGamma R4 + many others (Sorg, nIxx, fishears, usptactical, 56Killer, WiiShizzza, hungyip84, Narolez, ...) has been released.

- SDHC and USB HDD device support
- GUI and Console mode (switchable runtime)
- Background Music (.mp3 or .mod)
- Themes (switchable runtime)
- Widescreen (auto-detect)
- Transparency (covers and console)
- Cover images download
- Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc
- Automatic resize of covers
- Renaming game titles (using titles.txt)
- Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
- Light up DVD slot when install finishes, optional eject
- Childproof and parental guidance
- USB HDD with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for config, covers and other resources)
- SDHC with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for resources...)
- Custom IOS selection for better compatibility with USB drives and other USB devices.
- cIOS supported: waninkoko's 249 & 250, Hermes 222 & 223 (mload), kwiirk 222 & 223 (yal)

What's New?

Changes since 42 beta2:

* Fixed scrolling glitch in options screen
with themes that have small console size
* Modified intro screen (based on Milcoi design)
* Moved larger themes to a separate package:
CfgThemePack1.zip (see below)

Changes since 41 release:

cfg v42b2 (beta2)

* Fixed coverflow antialiasing in PAL 576i (50Hz) mode
* Fixed occasional flashing in options screen
* Intro screen (thanks to Milcoi)

cfg v42b (beta)

* Antialiasing in CoverFlow GUI modes. (thanks to Hibern)
Can be tuned with option: gui_antialias = [4] {0-4}
* cios 222/223 rev4 support:
- using new dip_plugin and ehcmodule from uloader 3.0B
- external ehcmodule for rev4 has to be named: ehcmodule4.elf
- note: rev2&3 modules are still integrated and used appropriately.
* Changed url tag CC value for portugal/brasil from PO to PT
* Removed obsolete options: cover_url_*_wide, download_wide
* Show 6 letter ID in game options screen
* Better support for custom games in titles.txt - use full 6 letter IDs
if available, otherwise 4 letter IDs still work same as before.
Note: 6 letter ID in titles.txt was supported before but just 4 were used.
* Show a note in the global options screen if there are multiple config.txt
files used (one in base and another in apps/... dir)
* Fixed occasional crash with the combination of
options: video = game, video_patch = all
* Minor fixes (thanks to wiimm)

cfg v42a (alpha)

* Ability to force progressive mode: (from NeoGamma)
- Split 'patch' video mode to a separate option:
video_patch = [0], 1, all
- 'video_patch = all' will force all modes to the selected video mode.
This will also force progressive / interlaced mode, depending on what
is configured in wii settings. This can be used for example to force
progressive mode if the game will otherwise use interlaced mode (MPT)
- The equivalent of the old video = patch is now:
video = system
video_patch = 1
This will patch NTSC -> PAL modes if console is PAL
and PAL -> NTSC modes if console is NTSC
This will not change interlaced / progressive mode

* Allow wiird to work if ocarina is enabled and no codes are found.
(seems to still not work)

Download: Configurable USB Loader v42
Source: tehskeen


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