Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Strobe alarm clock 0.06

"Some people have medical conditions (such as epilepsy) which can be triggered by flashing lights. Please please please do not use this if you know yourself to be suffering from such a condition or are unsure. Please also check with anyone else in the room with you. I cannot be held responsible."

Yeah, I know you always read those warnings on game console's bundled guide but now it comes with this new homebrew from Mouse called Strobe alarm clock.

Developer's note:
This Strobe Alarm Clock program that I have been coding. I saw WiiStrobe and alarmii and got idea to 'merge' two of them. I decided to make my own nice wii alarm clock that will flash my tv screen. It will be useful for deaf wii owners. you need to have homebrew channel installed on your wii and sd card.

The Alarm clock program have 12 and 24 hour format option.


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