Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cueplayer PSP v0.07

Cueplayer is a multimedia audio player for the Sony PSP. It's recently seen a new release which adds some features. One most note that This program requires a later PSP hombrew kernel. Maybe > 3.71. It is tested with a PSP3000 running Firmware 5.03. This can application can play play cue files along with FLAC. Ogg capability to be added soon.

What's New?

1. Show total track number
2. Show total track time
3. BUGFIX: Cannot seed previous track in track 1. Now it will start the music over.
4. BUGFIX: Seeking exceeding last track will crash.
5. New: README file available.

Download:  Cueplayer PSP v0.07
Source: tehskeen


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