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USB Loaders vrs Modchips by Brakken


This article is about the differences and benefits of using a USB Loader vrs a Modchip in your Nintendo Wii. USB Loaders are used by Wii software hackers to launch their legal backup collection with iusing an external hard drive whereas Modchips are used to launch legal backups using burnt discs. Both come with their own benefits. So let’s take a look at them

USB Loaders

USB Loaders are used by tech savvy Wii users who have a good understanding on how to use unsigned code on their console. Unsigned code is code never intended by to run and is normally executed by use of the Homebrew Channel. To use a USB Loader one must understand how to run this unsigned code as they must install a CIOS (Custom IOS) which in most cases requires a separate program to install the CIOS.

Most modchip users have no idea what a CIOS is let alone how to run unsigned code. Needless to say it can be a complicated process for people that do not know what they are doing. It is also a risky process – there is a chance of “bricking” (damaging your Wii beyond repair if you don’t know what you’re doing).

USB Loaders for the most part are compatible with most games, but there are games like Guitar Hero that won’t let you use your guitar without the additional installation of more IOS files. Guitar Hero isn’t the only game – there are lots of games you must install IOS files for them to run. And you’re basically left on your own scouring forums to find the right IOS to install.


Modchips are hardware. They require you to physically attach them to the Wii’s DVD-ROM drive. You do this by soldering. A lot of people can already solder, but there are a lot of customers that get their Wii modded with a modchip by a 3rd party. Remember the IOS problem for USB Loaders? Well, 99% of modchip users won’t have to worry about finding the right IOS (like the even know what the hell an IOS is) because they keep they Wii up-to-date.

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