Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ebootr v1.0.3540.37398

ebootr - Image 1 
Homebrew coder indroda has released a new update for Ebootr, a simple eboot editor written in C#. The latest update has added some new features and some other bug fixes.

  • Fixed some bug where when you save the same file you'd get an overwrite message, but the Eboot stored in memory would still be lashed to the open tab (via a file handle) and it would crash. Thanks Yammata684 for the bug report
  • Made saving a bit more... tolerable. I'm working on something behind the curtains, but dont worry it wont break anything.
  • Checking against the MAGIC bytes of several files (Everything but DATA.PSAR)
  • Warning if there is no Data.PSP and Param.SFO (I force making "playable" pbp's)
  • Warning if SND0.AT3 and ICON1.PMF are too big (>500K, give or take)
  • Added warning of "You really want to exit?" when you hit exit or try to close the window.
Developer's note:

This revision includes the source code. When you build it, it will *not* have the same build ID -- This is because I use the AssemblyInfo generated by VS08. The app itself is written in C# 3 (no linq) and can be compiled using either Visual Studio 2008 or SharpDevelop 3.1 (some of the newer betas) if you edit the file to look like a VS05 file. I've done my best to write solid comments, but dont rely on this code for learning -- unless you want to learn how to write really wonky applications.

For more info about the release, please check the README provided in the download.

Download: Ebootr v1.0.3540.37398
Source: qj


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