Sunday, September 13, 2009

PSP Mario - The New Worlds v0.01

Dan369 has posted a new version of his Mario game for the PSP and below are his statements regarding the game:

As many of you know i have been working on this for quite some time. And finally i have a first version ready for everyone to try out .
This new version is a total re-code from the older version above, which has obviously taken awhile (i only code in spare time or whenever i feel like it).
But anyway here's the features:

-Classic HUD
-Complete mario/luigi animations (including death animations, turning animations & flag animations)
-Full goomba A.i
-Tilemap levels
-Now completely uses tile based collision.
-Play as Luigi or Mario
-Brick Block & ? Block animations.
-Classic sound effects.
-And loads more smaller touches.

Note: That i used remoteJoy Lite, it records at 30fps. The game runs at constant 60 fps.

Future plans:
-Complete the ending sequence 'walk into castle' stuff
-Fix any bugs that pop up
-Score System (i have the system for this draw out, it just coding it in.)
-More levels.
-Even more sound effects

(i haven't done a release in so long i'm forgetting stuff :P)
anyway controls:
Start - pause/un-pause
X - Jump
R Trigger - Run (only when holding down the trigger will the player run, otherwise it walks)
Analog/left & right direction pads = move. 

Download: PSP Mario - The New Worlds v0.01
Source: qj


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