Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ping-PSP v1.5

Ping-PSP is another infamous remake of Pong.

Author: A-Einstein

To be a clone of the legendary and very well-known PONG, has considerable potential (the author still has not implemented many improvements, but the future promises included). Some features are:

* Play against the CPU (not yet implemented)
* Same game versus PSP
* Multiplayer game (not yet implemented)
* Aesthetic ping pong table.
* Various speeds for the ball.


Currently you can play two-player version, the controls are:

Player left:

* Digital Pad arrow: move the bar up.
* Digital Pad Down arrow: move the bar down.

Player Law:

* Triangle: move the bar up.
* X: move the bar down.

To exit the current game, press START.

Download: Ping-PSP v1.5
Source: tehskeen


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