Saturday, September 5, 2009

Guitarra Gero v2.5

Guitarra Gero is a "Guitar Hero" type game for PSP using Lua.

The game is based on the classic guitar hero for other consoles, because you did it with the ground that there was an original.
Version 2.5

Improvements in the new release are many, besides that the game involved in the Scenery Beta 2009:

* Added color purple (R trigger)
* Added ability to purchase store with funds.
* Added submenu extensive how to play.
* Added meter "rock" (so named in guitar hero III, this is the same punctuation the meter)
* Added menu options.
* Full graphic Change.
* Remodeling of full source, ie code change to 100%.
* Removed feature version 1 nick in the game.
* Added 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard, real [This is that the notes are as they are in the song])
* Added splash of scenery beta 09.
* Added splash of "P22 Creations presents"
* Added splash guitarrra Gero.
* Added "maximum EGO" (Energy star on guitar hero).
* There are no copyright issues, because the songs are not subject to that license.
* Fixed minor bugs.
* Countless of them more.


The controls have changed in this version:


X: Select.

Start / Select (depending on the menu): Return

Pad: Scroll through the options.


Disclaimer: In this version, to play, we must also press the button down but the color, but if for example we play a red note, hold down the appropriate key, and on arrival, press down, ie not just need to press both at once.

X: Blue Note

O: Note red

Triangle: Green Note

A: Note dwelling

Square: Yellow Note

Pad Down: strum

Start: Back to the main menu.


The money is obtained by successfully completing a song. Gifts you watching the number of notes played and the rock meter.


To use the store, we drove to the corresponding section of the menu, and once inside, we bought with our money funds obtained after play. To buy a fund, press X, and once you have it, press x to enable it. Note that we can not buy a fund if we have not yet bought their past. To exit press Start, you will come a screenshot, press Start, and you've changed the background.


In the songs we'll have a rock meter, which in turn is the score meter. If we play a good note, the meter increases by 25 points, and if not we play, we subtract another 25. If our ego, we get 50 points per note played, but if not we play give us 25. The rock meter has three colors, red (<800> 800), and green (> 1200). In the middle of the song undergoes a "stop", lose your ego, and rock will assume the initial state, but do not worry, we subsidized by it. The game has a mini-guide that tells us the notes we play.


The Options menu has two sub-sections, one to activate the flash, and another that is the credits. If we want to save changes press select to exit. If we want to save press Start and we'll be out a screenshot. Press start to ignore it and we've changed the flash.

Download: Guitarra Gero v2.5
Source: tehskeen


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