Saturday, September 5, 2009

SummerRun v0.3

SummerRun is a olympic game (sports game) where you need to race against others or CPU.

SummerRun is a game for your PSP that is running races in 4 different settings (soccer field, outdoor cultivation, or beach) in three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard). We are the blond and redheaded character the CPU.
Controls v 0.3beta:

* X: From the menu select and run the game by pressing the first character in turn.
* Digital Pad Up / Down: Scroll through the menu.
* Pad down: Move the second character in two player mode.
* L / R: Select opponent.
* Triangle: Back to the menu at any time of the game.

Bugs version 0.3beta:

* The graphics are still of low quality.
* The characters are at the same speed.
* The character "terminated" does not work hard.

* Capture menu.
Improved version 0.3beta:

* Added 5 characters
* Ability to make two players careers.
* After having solved bugs speed menu and credits (option eliminated).
* To quit a race you press triangle.
* Added version and decreased end speed difficult.
* Source released. To change contact the author.
* New environment "temple".
* Ability to choose an opponent.

Download: SummerRun v0.3
Source: tehskeen


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