Thursday, September 17, 2009

Werewolves Theme for Wii

This theme came out really awesome. It's got those circle channels that sym made .(Much credit and appreciation for those. Great work Wii Theme Team. Changing the channel shape is probably the coolest hack I've seen since the 36frame animation.) It's got some awesome 36frame moon animation for the main channels, and a seperate 36frame transformation animation for the SD menu. It's got this sweet werewolf and moon pic for the game discs. As well as tons of werewolf pics from movies past and present. Probably my favorite part of this theme though is the blood dripping border at the bottom of the menu. I wish I would have thought of that on Zombies.
Hope everyone enjoys em
- Docsamson

Please check the post on how to install this safely on Wii here and here.

Download: Werewolves Theme
Source: the playground


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