Sunday, October 4, 2009

CTF archiver: Open and edit CTF themes with ease.

CTF archiver, Open and edit CTF themes with ease.

XanderChoas has released a very useful utility which allows users to open and edit theme files with ease. Just double click the file with-in windows and you can edit away. No more time consuming decompiling and recompiling the entire in order just to edit or change one icon.

CTF Archiver integrates itself with Windows to let you simply double click on a CTF to open it. Not only that, but it integrates multiple XMB tools into Windows. Right click on a PRX quickly scramble/descramble it. Double click on an RCO to open it.

Now, a few things before you download it. CTF Archiver is the result of ThemeXtra, which is sadly still in the works. This program’s original title was “DTA Archiver”, reflecting the ThemeXtra file format. The long road I’ve been down with Davee and Bubbletune, following ThemeXtra’s progress, doesn’t appear to have an end. So I decided that I should just release this with support for CTFs instead of DTAs. As a result, you’ll see the word “DTA” a lot. Just pretend it says CTF or simply isn’t there at all. Maybe one day you’ll get to see the true wonders of TX and the DTA format. But for now, enjoy this release.

Note: The installer is bundled with the required 4.01, 5.00, and 5.50 PRXs. You’ll need to get the PRXs yourself with the binary download. And no, the “Password” tab does nothing. It was designed for the DTA format, which supports passwords.

Download: CTF Archiver
Source: pspslimhacks


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