Sunday, October 4, 2009

AVEC GPS v7b by Art

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Homebrew coder Art has released a new update for AVEC, a vector mapping GPS program for the PSP. The latest release now features a new circular style menu system, color coded file list, simultaneous control of the map file browser and configuration menu, just to name a few.

  • AVEC V7b :
    • Bug fix for colour coded file list in the file browser.
  • AVEC V7 :
    • New implementation for associating groups of adjoining maps with each other, allows automatic transition from one map file to another as the user's position moves of the edge of individual map tiles.
    • Changes to file browser prevent navigation out of the map folder, and filters files appearing on the list.
    • Implemented a new circular file broswer style and operation with the configuration menu now built in.
    • File browser list is now colour coded for easy identification of mp, mpi, and set file types.
    • Right trigger now rotates the map by one degree in 3D terrain mode.

Download: AVEC GPS v7b
Source: qj


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