Sunday, October 4, 2009

CTFtool GUI v3

CTFtool GUI - Image 1
Homebrew coder patpat has released a new update to CTFtool GUI, a homebrew application that allows you to create themes compatible with CXMB directly from your PC and extract them in CTF file format already created. The latest update now supports 5.03 CTF for PSP3000 and pspboot_plugin.prx.

Version 3 changelog:

  • Support pspboot_plugin.prx, it will play pspboot.pmf when psp boot, you just put pspboot.pmf into /vsh/resource/, press home can skin. only support 5.00,5.03,5.50GEN-B2 (beta, it will take more time to boot and some of the Memory Stick does not support, if the psp can't boot after use it please go to recovery menu to delete it)

  • mps to pmf,you can put gameboot.mps or pspboot.mps into /vsh/resource

  • Support 5.03 ctf for psp3000

  • Convert topmenu_plugin.rco

  • The "Information Board" of topmenu_icon.rco will use the icon of "LocationFree Player" or "Online Instruction"

  • The app will del these file when 5.00 to 5.50:

  • osk_plugin.prx

  • osk_plugin_500.prx

  • osk_utility.rco

  • satelite.prx

  • msvideo_main_plugin.prx

  • sysconf_plugin.prx

    Download: CTFtool GUI v3
    Source: qj


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