Sunday, October 4, 2009

iR Shell Patch for 5.50 GEN Released

PSP iR Shell Screenshot

I admit that I'm a big M33 CFW user but after these releases from Team GENyUS and now AhMan's iR Shell for 5.50 GEN, it's time to leave the M33 world and embrace GEN CFW.

Quoting greg of psp-hacks:

Back to back… Yoshihiro with yet another reason to upgrade: the #1 multitasking shell — AhMan’s iR Shell — it’s now 5.50 GEN compatible. It’s simple… You must have iR Shell already installed. So download it if you don’t. Then copy this patch to PSP/GAME, run it, quit, the patch will self destruct (for real), and iR Shell will work from here on in.

Read more about iR Shell right here. It’s awesome — you’re likely to replace the XMB with it.

Source: psp-hacks


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