Sunday, October 4, 2009

PRXdecrypter 2.25: Decrypt and Extract PSP Firmware Modules

Only for the hardcores, the real hackers, or for those who have the hunger to broaden their horizons… Get in deep with jas0nuk’s PRXdecrypter. It can decrypt / decompress / extract all this:
  • firmware modules from official firmwares (1.00-5.00+)
  • updater modules from official updaters (1.00-5.00+), including obfuscated ones
  • official updater DATA.PSP
  • reboot.bin and reboot_02g.bin from all retail firmwares
  • EBOOT.BIN and modules from all retail games (up to 6.00), and non-retail/testing EBOOT.BIN files
  • M33 custom firmware modules
  • RLZ files
  • KL4E files
  • meimg.img and me_sdimg.img
  • demos and game sharing DATA.PSP files
  • index.dat
  • 1SEG.PBP
Download: PRXdecrypter 2.25

Source: psp-hacks


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