Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preloader v0.30 Installer / Removal Tool, Preloader Installation Utiltiy

* preloader v0.30 (installer) by phpgeek *

This installer/removal tool will install Preloader v0.30. It is also capable of updating
any previous version and can be installed over the top of an older install. There is also
a removal option that will restore your system menu and clean all traces of Preloader
from your system.

Press (+) to install or update Preloader.
Press (-) to remove Preloader and restore your system menu.
Hold Down (B) with any of the above options to use IOS249.
Press (HOME) to chicken out and quit the installer!

To access Preloader and configure it please hold (RESET) during the boot cycle.

You will need the IOS used to boot the system menu to be patched with ES_Verify. This version of
the installer does NOT currently patch your IOS for you so please use DOP IOS or Free The Bug!!!

This tool comes without any warranties and I accept no liability if you turn your wii into a
paper weight with it. I have tested this tool with 100% success on 23+ WII's. Hopefully you
will have no serious issues with it!

Please check the post on how to BRICK PROTECT YOUR WII here and here.

Download: Preloader v0.30 Installer / Removal Tool
Source: tehskeen


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