Monday, October 5, 2009

PSPGo Battery is Replaceable - PSP Hackers To Strike Again ?

There is still some time, Sony announced that future users of the PSP Go no longer have the option to remove the battery, all for a matter of hacking the machine, including the famous Pandora battery as assessed on the first generation PSP.

Yesterday a photo was published showing that the battery is not really united in the console, in fact the only thing "preventing" it to be removed is a sticker "Warranty void if removed" (Warranty void if removed) .

The Pandora is therefore perhaps not dead yet? Only the future will tell.
Are PSP Hackers to take on the PSPGo and destroy Sonys new vision of a digital only future?, they lost the battle with UMD PSPs now lets see if we can beat them on the digital front.

Source: dcemu


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