Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preloader Hacks for 4.2, Complete with 4.2U, 4.2E, and 4.2J!

mariomaniac33 has posted bunch of 4.2 preloader hacks for regions E, U & J.

As some of you may know, I was working on porting the Preloader codes over to 4.2. I ported them to 4.2U, tested them (and so did many of you ), then once they were stable, I ported them to the other regions. I just finished porting over the hacks to 4.2E and 4.2J.

If you're wondering what's up with the "Lock System Menu with Black Screen" code, it's for locking down your Wii, so you can't boot it without turning off the code in Preloader. You can think of it like a password, in a way. According to Wiibrew, the code is useful for locking your Wii "so the kids and family can't break it!" Hopefully this will answer the numerous questions about this code

The "No System Menu Sounds at all" codes disables all system menu sounds NOT banner sounds. As a result, when you zoom in on a channel and the music starts playing, you can zoom out and the music will keep playing. This is due to there being no "mute" command since the menu sound commands are overall disabled. Although some may consider it a bug (that was in the previous versions as well), I think it's a pretty cool easter egg

By the way, I did not technically make these codes. I simply ported and enhanced a few of them to make them work on 4.2.

Special Thanks:
phpgeek - He ported the majority of the 4.2E codes. Thanks dude!
All 4.2U Testers - Thanks for the feedback guys!

So what's left with 4.2? All I can think of is fixing Gecko OS rebooter, fixing the error 003, and most importantly, cracking the new region protection. Can anyone think of anything else?
So without further ado, here's the codes.

Source: gbatemp


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