Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SNES9x GX Forwarder

pimpkin posted over the playground a forwarder for SNES9x GX.

I found this awesome channel here in the playground channel fourms but the poster didnt know who made it and when booted it booted up snes9x gx 4.0.1 which will not return to the system menu when you exit it just black screens.
I did some poking around and found out that this channel was created by Vibestar from GBAtemp.net.
I took the channel and injected it with a forwarder .dol, this way if the app updates you wont have to update the channel itself.
Doing this took the size of the channel down from a honking 75 blocks to 19 blocks.
I take no credit in making it, i just tweaked it a bit.
Thanks to vetta for the forwarder suggestion and info.

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Download: SNES9x GX Forwarder
Source: the playground


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