Friday, October 23, 2009

StartPatch, for System Menu 3.2.0U

File:StartPatch icon.pngFile:StartPatch icon.pngFile:StartPatch icon.png
Here's another update to StartPatch for System Menu 3.2U.

StartPatch is a homebrew application that patches your System Menu v4.0, v4.1, or v4.2 and now 3.2 in a similar fashion as Starfall. It is based upon Menu Patcher by Isaac356.

In the unlikely case that you lose power during patching process, you may brick your Wii. This will only happen if you lose power while the patches are being applied, and as this is a quick process, there is small risk of bricking. However, if you do brick, no one is responsible. There is no warranty with this app. You should take a BootMii NAND dump and have BootMii installed as boot2 (if possible) as a precaution.

Download:  for NTSC-U (United States of America) By Tgames StartPatch v3.2.0U
Source: wiibrew


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