Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trucha Bug Restorer v1.1

Trucha Bug Restorer released by Wiipower is an application which restores the IOS with trucha bug.

Translated from Babel:
WiiPower managed to understand and reproduce the functioning of DVDx of Comex (used to downgrade the IOS15, and then downgrade the Wii 4.x). In fact, this homebrew allows you to install ios trucha signed 4.x on a Wii without having to use several homebrew For the downgrade to work, you must either have Internet on the Wii is set to the root of your SD card (or USB key) the following IOS: IOS15-64-v257.wad, IOS15-64-v523.wad, IOS36 - 64-v3351.wad, IOS37-64-v3869.wad
Updated version of IOS to be compatible with the updated 4.2.

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Download: Trucha Bug Restorer v1.1
Source: wii-info


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