Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ace's Notepad

PSP - Image 1

AceRaven has released  Ace's Notepad, a simple notepad application for the PSP written in LUA.

Written in lua, simple notepad app that show new way of text input(at least I didn't seen one like this). IMHO with a little practise it's possible to write faster than Sony's keyboard, and easier than Danzeff. I just wanted to show my idea.

How to:
Lets say you want to write lowercase 'g'. First you press right on d-pad('ghi'), then you press left on d-pad('g'). For uppercase 'G' you press and hold L trigger while pressing left.

Now if you want to input 's', press circle then square. For letter 'yz.' you press select, and for start for space. Same rules applies to other input modes. R trigger is for changing input modes(ABC->Number->Chars->ABC...). L trigger ereases.

To save your text to text.txt file in program directory, while on ABC input mode you press and hold R trigger, then press and hold L trigger, release R, release L. To view text do the same while in Number mode.

Download: Ace's Notepad

Source: qj


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