Saturday, November 7, 2009

CWCheat v0.2.3

CWCHEAT - Image 1

It's been a while since we last heard from weltall but now his back to release a new version of CWCheat, the first universal cheat device for PSP. The latest update introduces a cheat refresh functionality and has been rebuilt with the latest toolchain.

Developer's note:

nothing exciting i've just rebuilt it with the latest toolchain (seems it reduced the size of the binary to up to 1KB), updated the included db and there is a cheat refresh functionality altough i wrote it a year ago and i don't remember how it works and if it works (check the configuration files as it seems i didn't put it yet in the config menu)

  • rebuilt with latest toolchain
  • updated db to latest version in the site
  • there is an cheat refresh hz functionality but i coded it one year ago so i'm unsure if it works and how it works right now
  • consider this an untested beta
Download: CWCheat v0.2.3
Source: qj


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