Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 443

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The homebrew coders from the DaedalusX64 team has released another round of update for their ever-popular Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP. Notable features of the latest DaedalusX64 build includes some more bug fixes and various other improvements.

  • Revision 443:
    • [!]Fixed P. Mario freezing in Rev 432 on (Bug #44) - Kreationz
    • [+]Updated roms.ini - Salvy, Kreationz
    • [!]Fixed some uCodes going out of range - Salvy
    • [+]4 Blendmodes fixed for Pokemon Stadium 2 - NintendoBoy13
  • Revision 442:
    • [!] We should clear our screen faster now (thx A_Nub for tip)
    • [+] Added a hack to disable culling, set off default but and can be enabled on Advanced Menu
    • [+] Added missing code for various functions within DLParser_GBI2_MoveMem (needs more debugging..)
    • [~] Enable DisableCulling for Aidyn Chronicles on roms.ini (Aidyn Chronicles is playable now)
Download: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 443
Source: qj


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