Wednesday, November 11, 2009

eLoader for PSP Go - Freeplay

Freeplay delights the PSP homebrew community with an incoming application for PSP Go. Early last month, as some of you may recall, FreePlay has released a video showing us that he has successfully hacked Sony's latest handheld iteration that got everyone buzzing with excitement. Well, now he's back to give us a status update on his project. According to his YouTube channel post, he is now making progress on the exploit with his NID resolver working flawlessly, and if he can get the eLoader source to work, we may have a PSP Go eLoader soon that will allow us to run our favorite homebrews on the PSP Go.

FreePlay An eloader for the Go is proving to be more difficult than I'd imagined. I could likely make one for FW 5.03 or FW 5.50, but until someone cracks the Go's firmware update, it may be a lost cause. I have no way of making my NID resolver work when there are dozens of new functions on the Go that have completely unknown NIDs.

PSP Go exploit update: Making progress. My NID resolver is working flawlessly now. If I can get it to work with the eLoader souce, we'll have an eLoader for the Go.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for further updates.


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