Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dolphin Unofficial build 4525 (32/64-bit)

The Dolphin Team have released a new version of their Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator for Windows. Using this emulator along with your legal backup collection you can enjoy most of your games on your PC. It even supports the Wiimote if you have a compatible bluetooth module. This new version features a very hefty changlog so here it goes ....

Dolphin GUI:
- Fix issues with dialog windows accepting keyboard input.

Dolphin Core:
- Fixed SPS in Soul Calibur 2 with JIT.
- Fixed the good 'ol TLBHack, which might fool some games into running again.
- Implement an opcode which makes it possible to get into the NES games in Animal Crossing - unplayable graphics though ;p
- Rewrite memory management, hopefully banishing "failed to map 1 gb contiguous memory" 32-bit Dolphin errors to history'
- Fix Peek_Color bug that was only present in JIT x64 build.

Software Graphics plugin:
- Added TEV stage output dumping.
- Fixed Command Processor interrupt handling.

DirectX Graphics plugin:
- Many accuracy fixes and speedups, for specifics please see SVN commit logs.
- Implemented more proper EFB behavior.
- Fix crashes which could happen when resizing the render window.

OpenGL Graphics plugin:
- Fixed depth of field effect in Wind Waker (use copy EFB to GL texture).
- Other fixes, again see SVN log for specifics

- First sounds from Zelda ucode (Pikmin)!
- Minor speedups.

Wiimote plugin:
- Change default key layout to be more handy and not interfere with other default keys.

Source: tehskeen


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