Saturday, November 21, 2009

MultiCountdown v1.02

PSP - Image 1

poedel has released MultiCountdown, a useful countdown timer for the PSP. Currently, the homebrew only supports the German language but plans to translate the homebrew in English is already in order if the community demands.

What it does: you got 4 counters in the shape of a rhombus like the keys / [] O X on your psp. These keys start and stop the corresponding counter. With the L & R trigger you choose clockwise or vice versa the rotation direction of the selector, a light grey rectangle around the timer. The one you choose you can set with the direction keys on your digipad: left is the hour, up is the minute and right are the seconds. It always counts one up until you change the direction by pressing start. To reset the counter to zero simply press down on your digipad. Pressing O X [] or / will start or stop the counter. If you stop a counter when reaching of before time limit it will be reset to the values you entered before starting. Reaching zero makes an alarm with audio, a wave file and visually by letting the box behind the counter flash up to let you recognize easily which counter is ringing.

The Counter itself is coloured corresponding to its status:

white - not set

yell0w - set, but on stand-by

green - counting

red - reached time limit and alarming

The sounds are delivered in a second archive, so you do not have to download them each time again, if there is an update. Sorry for the gentoo linux´er to make tar.gz archives *G* Windows users can simply deflate them with winrar. The ingridients have to be copied to /psp/game/ you should know, I suppose. Also the sounds. You can try your own sounds, but they have to be in a special format I do not quite know, but mine do work.

Download: MultiCountdown v1.02
Source: qj


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