Saturday, November 21, 2009

Game Categories Revised v11

Here's Bubbletune with his update on the popular plugin that integrates with Sony PSP's XMB bringing it to version 11. I'll be bringin my PSP and take this in it. I'm sure you'll too

This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. It comes with three modes, a mode which makes a context menu pop up each time you open your Game Menu and lets you choose the category, a mode which displays multiple memory stick icons, one for each category, and finally a complete replacement for the Game menu based on the Photo modules. 

Game Categories Revised v11:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v10 that caused a lot of homebrew to malfunction.
Game Categories Revised v10:

  • Added option under ‘Network Update’ to update Game Categories.
  • Hiding Uncategorized now works for Content Browser mode as well.
  • Fixed incompatibility with various plugins with Content Browser mode.
  • Photo Player loaded if you listened to Music before going to Content Browser, fixed.
  • Added option to System Settings to show/hide uncategorized (text file no longer works).
  • Built-in Game Categories of GEN will be automatically disabled now.
  • Optimized to reduce plugin size.

Download: Game Categories Revised v11
Source: psp-hacks


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