Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not another PSP scene drama...Freeplay leaking an exploit that isn't his

Math, posted at M for Mature forums entitled "Freeplay leaking an exploit that isn't his" and states that FreePlay stole the exploit from Fanjita.

As I stated in mformature, the amount of work he provided to get it work is 0. Since the exploit was all ready to use and sources were provided in the prometheus svn content he stole.

Either way the developers' community has been warned and have removed him from whatever trusting list he might have been.

As a proof that I am not lying to you, or making this up, I will be now providing along this post the original mercury exploit and sources as they were in the original svn (after removing .svn folders for obvious reasons). Trust me, it saddens me to have to resort in doing so, unfortunately I do have no choice considering Freeplay leaked the game exploit to begin with.

Freeplay it seems was all about get fame from using work that is not his and this I cannot forgive. Hence I am informing the world of his evil deeds.

Just like MaTiAz said "pretty sad to see it has come to this".

Source: M for Mature


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