Sunday, November 22, 2009

Secret GoSploit: FreePlay's PSP Go Exploit finally released!

FreePlay finally released his controversial exploit now known as Secret GoSploit and the game was Archer Maclean's Mercury. Here's FreePlay with a couple of words:

I told you it wasn't fake, but some of you still didn't believe me.

You need firmware 6.10 or below, and the game of course. The exploit was patched in 6.20, and the PSN version of the game was updated to require 6.20.

The eLoader isn't happening at all unless I can get a 6.10 firmware dump from the Go, which this exploit can't do. It would probably be best to wait until an XMB-based exploit comes along... game-based exploits are too easy to block.

Now for PSP Go users, be patient and wait for the CFW. Team Typhoon will never help you out here.

Download: Secret GoSploit
Source: freeplay @ youtube


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