Saturday, November 7, 2009

PSP CheatUp v0.31

PSP - Image 1 
Homebrew coder raing3 is back to release a new version of PSP CheatUp,  a handy homebrew app that automatically detect and install cheats for CheatMaster Fusion, coderPR, CWCheat and NitePR through the use of the PSP's Wifi and a wireless internet connection. the latest update is a bug fix release.


  • Download and install cheat updates for most PSP cheat engines.
  • Update application from PSP.
  • Display the Changelog and Gamelist of the last download cheat update.
  • Display the last update date, time and filesize of the cheat database.

  • Fixed: Application update bug introduced in version 0.30.
  • Fixed: Various other bugs.
Download: PSP CheatUp v0.31

Source: qj


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