Saturday, November 21, 2009

PSPedict v0.3

PSPedict - Image 1

PixelDragon has released a new version of PSPedict, a handy Japanese English homebrew dictionary for the PSP. The latest update now includes support for Tanaka Corpus example sentences, a few bug fixes and some minor improvements.

The biggest change is the inclusion of Tanaka Corpus example sentences. There are example sentences for approximately 20,500 unique words.

As the Tanaka Corpus is considered a work in progress, included with the download is a Windows application called "EdictUpdate" which can be used to update the example sentences in the EDICT files. Further instructions on how to use this tool can be found by clicking the "About" button when the application is open. The EDICT files in the download have already been updated. I have only tested the application on Vista.

A quick disclaimer regarding the example sentences. Please do not expect each sentence to be a perfect match. Sometimes the sense of the word is not correct, and other times the Japanese or English sentence may contian errors. They should only be used as a rough guide or for context.

  • Included support for Tanaka Corpus example sentences.
  • Fixed a bug that cut some English description strings short.
  • The last English search string will be the default text in the On Screen Keyboard(OSK). I was unable to impliment this for Japanese text. If anyone has luck with this, I'd appreciate an e-mail/post about how to impliment this.
  • Included an application file "Edict Update". This can be used by the user to update Edict files if the Tanaka Corpus examples are updated.
Download: PSPedict v0.3
Source: qj


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