Sunday, November 15, 2009


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This is a text reader for PSP game consoles running custom firmwares. This text reader is implemented as a kernel-space module that gets loaded along side your game. Holding the L and R keys for a few seconds will pause the game and bring up the text reader interface. You can read any ASCII text file on the PSP memory stick.
I wrote this for myself while playing GTA: Vice City Stories. I thought it would be useful to read an FAQ file while playing. It worked out great for that purpose. Just recently I polished everything up, added a few missing features (like a help screen and changing the open document) for release. Yay! It's my first released piece of software!

Copy the file pspetext.prx to your PSP’s /seplugins directory. Now add a line
to the top of your /seplugins/game.txt file to enable the plugin. The line
should look like this:

ms0:/seplugins/pspetext.prx 1

See the included game.txt for an example. Note that this line MUST be at the
top of your game.txt file!

PSPEText should work with all games in all graphics modes. It has been tested
on a FAT PSP running 4.01 m33 CFW and a PSP Slim running the 5.50 GEN-A
firmware. It has been tested in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Tetris
Minis thoroughly.

At the time PSPEText does NOT work with pops-mode games (Playsation 1 games
converted to play on the PSP). If anyone out there knows a thing or two about
kernel mode plugins in pops mode and wants to help, send me a note or get to

Once your game has loaded, press and hold the left trigger and right trigger
buttons for one second. The file load menu will appear. See on-screen controls
display for usage.

Controller mapping for main screen interface:
********************* Help and Usage **********************
[DPAD Up]   Move one line up
[DPAD Down] Move one line down
[L-Trigger] Move one page up
[R-Trigger] Move one page down
[Triangle]  Switch between 60 and 80 column mode
[Square]    Open a new file
[Select]    Exit file view
[Start]     Display this help file

Download: PSPEText


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