Sunday, November 15, 2009

PSPlay v1.0

amrcidiot has released a new version of PSPlay, a homebrew band simulator for the PSP. The major changes in the latest update includes -- now works on both PSP slim and phat, new indicator, much improved graphics, now includes three types of guitars, a much improved drums and a brand new keyboard.

  • Game now loads on both Slim and Phat, no need to download a separate file for each system
  • Keyboard
  • Drum sounds
  • Graphics (menus, backgrounds, etc)
  • Indicator (points to the note you're playing)
  • For some reason, that last couple releases included a lot of image files that were never used, those have been deleted.
For more info about the release, please read the README provided in the download.

Download: PSPlay v1.0
Source: qj


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