Monday, November 30, 2009

Solitaire v0.1.2 for PSP

Here's madman 666 with an update on Solitaire for PSP v0.1.2. It's only in beta but check out the game and you'll be spendin' time there...

This will have 3 solitaire games Klondike(classic Solitaire),Golf, and Pyramid. I might add more like FreeCell and others.

Up,Down,Left,Right - for moving the selector around
X - to pick and move cards
O - to start a new game
Start - Option Menu

The Selector is shown as a red square (I might change this later). Hi-light the card you want to move and click X. This will select the card to be moved, once you select a card to be moved the selector changes to blue and stays over the card that is being moved and a new red selector shows up. You then move the red selector to the spot you want to move to and hit X. This will move the card. (if the rules allow)

Planned Klondike Options:
  • Easy Mode - The Default - You can deal through the deck unlimited times
  • Hard Mode - The original Klondike way - You can only deal through the deck one time
  • 1 card dealt - Only one card is dealt to the waste pile at a time
  • 3 cards dealt - Only 3 cards are dealt to the waste pile at a time
  • Timer - Keeps track of how long it takes you to win.
0.1.2 - Beta Release
  • Files - The image files have been updated and paths have changed so if you upgrade from a older version please delete and replace the IMG folder
  • Graphic - Added a main menu where you can select from which game you want to play.
  • Graphic - Added a Option Menu (options coming soon)
  • Graphic - Added a Title Bar that has the Name of the game,Battery level, system time(once if find the code).
  • Code - recoded the Klondike game to be compatible with the main menu and the up and coming options.
  • Bug Fix - Removed the bug that caused cards to disappear when double clicking a card to be sent to a foundation stack.
Download: Solitaire v0.1.2

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