Monday, November 30, 2009

Wagic Theme “Final Saga”

"Sometimes, the result is not only brilliant, it is awesome"! Great explanation there...

This is the case of the Theme “Final Saga” posted by Ilya B yesterday. I was amazed to see such a gorgeous and coherent theme. Pretty much all graphics have been redone, and the theme includes some really cool avatars. It’s not difficult to do better than the current default avatars in Wagic, but these ones are truly excellent. This is now the Theme I use on my PSP 

How to install:
  1. Download the theme here and put it in your “WTH/Res/themes” folder
  2. Launch the game, and in the options > user, select the “Final Saga” Theme
  3. There is a bug currently with fonts in Wagic 0.9.1, so if you want the theme fonts (I highly recommend them), download this additional file and extract it into your Res/graphics folder
Don’t hesitate to say thanks to Iliya B for this awesome work. And use the opportunity to browse the forums for extra contents

Wagic "Final Saga" Theme
additional file


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