Saturday, December 12, 2009

DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 446

Daedalus X64 - Image 1
DaedalusX64 Alpha gets another update as the Team push out revision 446. The only N64 Emulator is slowly but surely improving with each release. Lets hope the team keeps at it and we look forward to the day it passes the “alpha” stage. The latest fixes are game base fixes and some minor enhancements.

Revision 446
[!]Fixed Rev 445 won’t compile
Revision 445
[!] Several minor changes
[~] Couple of changes done on BranchZ, now the outside of Clock Town in MM is visible
[~] Removed ShadowOfEmpire_Dl ucode and replace it with a simple check
[*] Added proper copyright headers. We been porting several enhancements from Rice Video plugin
[+] Two blendmodes for Paper Mario [NintendoBoy13]
Revision 444
[!]Fixed Turok Looping back to the DX64 menu even with Async on
[~]Reverted some Register changes
[~]Cleaned up code from a prior commit

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