Saturday, December 12, 2009

DayPR Installer

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to install the latest update of lilmnm's homebrew cheat utility DayPR? Well, he's back to release DayPR Installer, a homebrew app that installs DayPR Rev.6 beta in your ISO folder.

As you can see this is a CSO I got bored during the writing of this so eh thought of something new to use. This Installer Installes DayPR Rev.6 -- Beta! but this one has some holiday themes in it. This installer Writes to your Game.txt.

  • Put the CSO into Your ISO folder in the root of your memory Stick and run it this installer creats the files for you.
  • BUT this installer dose not install and cheats for you you can get some from the app called CheatUP or if you used
  • DayPR Before then don't worry about the cheats.
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