Saturday, December 12, 2009

Modded Dop-IOS mod v9

giantpune has released a Mod to Dop-IOS-Mod v9 an application which is a modification of Dop-IOS that lets you choose which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSs with or without the trucha bug, etc.

Recently i had to go through the trouble of softmodding a virgin 4.2 wii and i realised how many different programs are needed to get the job done. heres one more step to take out of the process. DOP-IOS mod v9 has already added in wiipower's stuff for getting the trucha bug back into the wii.

whats different?
i have added to that the stuff from ATD to uninstall titles. in this version, it lets you uninstall the stubs. not only the 4.2 stubs, but i put the whole list thas was already in DOP-IOS. there are a total of 13 listed. i cant vouch for the accuracy of their list as i didnt feel like trying each IOS out to see if it really was a stub. i did go down and let it remove all of them from my 4.2u wii. i was able to start the system menu just fine (and freed up 2 blocks on the wii). but as i have nothing in place blocking disc updates, "rubik's world" wanted me to use it to update. after i reinstalled those stubs, the game no longer wanted to update. so just keep that in mind before you play with this.

also different in this one is the stuff that writes to the sd card. now, when you go to install a title, if it has to be downloaded, it will be saved on the sd card. next time you go to install a title, the sd card is checked and if the stuff is there, you dont need to get it from online. this was already in patchmii, but somewhere over time the functionality got broken in this code, so i just revived it.

and lastly, the title screen is green and i put a gp after the name. i did that to make it easier to tell this from the one that it was based from.
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