Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crap 2.6b: The Easy to use Channel Creator (UPDATED)

I.R.on aka WiiCrazy has updated his PC based utility "Crap" to 2.5b. Crap is a easy to use channel creator to be used for creating custom channels on your Nintendo Wii.

So in what ways does this app differ from similar applications?
1. First of all it's the first configurable channel creator...

2. Unlike similar programs Crap has all it's features natively implemented. It doesn't invokes command line programs.. So it's not a mere gui.
AlexDp's wbfs manager should be put aside since that program also does it's magic natively without support from command line programs.

3. Because of above difference, Crap is way a lot faster than it's counterparts.

4. It has a banner sanity check for banner bricks which other programs doesn't have. Though it's still recommended to have means of banner unbricking before use.

5. You can install created channels directly using network.
  • Batch mode not working with new loaders issue fixed and some nice
    progress bar & status text added.
  • Added Conf. Usb Loader as a loader courtesy of oggzee. Remember
    this one is not a forwarder and it's the actual boot.dol distributed with
    the official Conf. Usb Loader releases. To update it just replace
    ConfUsbLoader.dol under the Loaders folder with the updated dol from
    Conf. Usb Loader distribution. It doesn't support partition selection yet
    but hopefully will be in future releases.

  • Usb loader GX forwarder added. 
  • Now there are two Configurable USB Loader forwarders, one launches
    the loader with splash screen, the other one without.
  • Added support for argument passing into the forwarders.
    With Conf. Forwarder for example :
    ios=223-mload (you can choose ios)
    video=ntsc (choose the video mode)
    ocarina=1 (activate ocarina)
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