Sunday, December 6, 2009

QMixer v1.0

Qarl and Soulless’ QMixer… You get two turntables; no microphone, 4 default sound effects, and you may use whatever mp3s in your collection to do a little somethin’ like this…

You can’t scratch yet, but you can replace the sound effects with your own. Details in the read me… Oh, and that read me, it’s Spanish. So you may wanna pass it through Google Translate first.

QMixer v1.0 Features / Functions:

* MP3 File Browser
* Load two simultaneous tracks (one in each plate)
* Individual volume control for each track
* Crossfader
* Control playback for each track individually: Play/Pause and Stop
* Visual indicators
* Themeable interface
* Replaceable sound effects: wav format @ 1411kbps

Download: QMixer v1.0
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