Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Real Magic" mod for Wololo's Wagic: The Homebrew

NyghtcrawleR's "Real Magic" mod for Wololo's Wagic: The Homebrew. Give Wagic a more "Magic: The Gathering" type look 'n feel with new card sets and graphics.

Below you will find the download for Wagic v0.9.2 that has the graphics changes from the "Real Magic" set already in place and has all of the officially supported card sets (zip format) already in place. It also includes the replacement eboot that adds the background screen logo in your PSP menu (as seen above) as well as additional sfx in game. No need for you to do anything else, but install and enjoy the full "Wagic" experience. (includes pc version, if you see extra files thats what they are for)

NOTE: To change background layout (visible/invisible hand) and menu (wagic/magic) go to the options menu and change the theme. I included previews and labels for each.

+ Full 0.9.1(2) mod RELEASED!!
+ Added custom eboots for v0.9.1 & 0.9.2
+ New Battlefield background
+ All token images added to all supported sets
+ All images for currently supported sets as of v0.9.2
+ Added additional avatars & changed deck relationships so avatars match up with ai decks better



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