Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zantzue's Anti-brick Disc, Helps you unbrick your Wii

Who is this disc for? This disc is intended to be useful for those people who have bricked their Wii, don't have Bootmii (neither Preloader) installed as boot2 and/or don't have a backup of their Wii's NAND. If you have tried some autoboot discs unsuccessfully, try this one. It may do the trick.
How does it work?
Download it from (only if your Wii is bricked; I don't have a premium account), burn it with ImgBurn at a low speed (1x or 2x). Use it with the savemiifrii method and it will automatically launch the Homebrew Channel.

What you need:
1- A bricked Wii tongue.gif.
2- Homebrew Channel must be already installed on yor Wii.
3- Not killed system menu (if system menu is uninstalled, you can't do anything without BootMii as boot2) [This will not help unbrick my Wii (sigh) But I hope yours will be done.]
4- Not killed system menu IOS (examples how to kill it: 4.0 -> 3.2 -> 3.4 what mostly modchip users do and old cioscorp on new Wiis)
5- Trucha bug on system menu IOS.
6- A Gamecube controller (to use the savemifrii method).
7- Waninkoko's cIOS installed (any version).
8- A modchip.
6- An empty DVD (I recommend a -RW disc)

1- My Wii version is PAL/NTSC. What is the version of the disc? This disc is (in theory) prepared for working on PAL and NTSC Wiis.
2- Does it matter what my firmware version is? It seems to work in many versions but it has very little testing (that's why I need feedback).
3- Is it safe? You're kidding, aren't you? Your Wii is already bricked! Now, seriously. It doesn't install anything. Nothing at all so there's no risk for damaging (overbrick?) your Wii.

If this disc helps you unbrick your Wii, please, let us know. I need to know what your firmware is and whether you had the trucha bug fixed/unfixed. If this disc doesn't finally help you repair your Wii you can give me feedback but don't complain. I didn't brick your Wii!

Download: Zantzue's Anti-brick Disc
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